Saturday, June 6, 2009

Twitter, How Does a Small Biz Love You? Let me Count the Ways

I'll admit, six months ago I was one of those who rolled their eyes at the mention of Twitter. One of my former colleagues started tweeting last fall and my response was something to the effect of: Do you not already have ENOUGH to do? Okay, Jen, you were right because, fast-forward and here I am, a tweeting faithful.

Catching up on my reading today, I found Time's cover story on Twitter, which led me to this report on how Twitter will change the face of business. Right on the money, I think. And I say this not just theoretically, but as someone with concrete examples of its benefits. I launched miamore communications just a couple months ago. And, through Twitter, found and
connected with several potential clients I would have NEVER met otherwise. As a small "boutique" business, serving others in that same category, Twitter is a priceless networking tool for me. It helps level the playing field for small businesses like us. Ten years ago, if a boutique firm with a limited budget wanted to reach (or find) customers and resources, it was nearly impossible to compete against corporate firms with their immense marketing and advertising budgets (thus, of course, the sad decline of mom-and-pops). Social media like Twitter, however, allows us to communicate with customers and peers in an environment where personal interaction has far more value than glitzy ad campaigns. 

I'm asked (a LOT): what is the POINT of all this social media? Well, I've formulated my response: Twitter alone is growing at an incredible rate (32 million users this year, vs 2 million in 2008) and old-school print media is sputtering, leaving enormous brands and chains scrambling to "do" social media. But, there are blogs and reports all over the web where those "traditional" public relations gurus admit to being lost in this new world. It makes me think of a small race car up against a tandem trailer. Sure, in the "old" PR and marketing world those tandem trailers ruled the roads, leaving little room and a frightening experience for those of us driving our own little vehicles. But, on this new highway, with it's quickly changing nature, we are suddenly much better equipped to navigate and control the road. 

So, yes, I have become one of the converted for many reasons. I'm loving how social media allows us all to "spread the word"... which, after all, is miamore communications' tagline and mission. 

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