Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Damiani: Buy a Ring; Get a Vacation!

Who doesn't love a good cross promotion? We learn the joys of the buy-this-and-get-that mentality early in life (Think: Buy a Happy Meal; Get a Free Action Figure), and we never stop falling for it. 

Italian jewelry power-house Damiani (the brand you may know from its celeb associations... from Brad Pitt to Sharon Stone), has hit upon my personal all time favorite with 
its latest cross promo: buy a fabulous, limited edition precious ring inspired by one of 12 cities in Italy, and get a free Italian vacation. Seriously? Sign me up! (okay, as soon as I come up with a few thousand for the ring. Minor detail). 

In celebration of the brand's 85th anniversary, its new Gomitolo collection of 12 gorgeous rings (each design limited to a numbered production of 85) comes with this vacation offer for anyone who buys one of the rings (my fav is Torino, below, with ice and black diamonds)... kudos to Damiani for the creative thinking in this special offer and, as always, in its creative designs.

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