Monday, June 8, 2009

Fashion Trends from the Tony's

Old habits die hard and, after a decade covering fashion and jewelry (and noticing that none of the jewelry industry mags reported on the Tony Awards today), I couldn't resist lending a hand, donning my old "fashion editor" hat, and offering my expert trend report (aka: spouting off my opinion).

First, my personal favorite. Seriously, had my invitation to the awards not been lost in the mail, I totally would have worn  the same ensemble as Anne Hathaway (right). Love how she went subdued in black and diamonds (appropriate for the times), but then added her own personal touch (and, perhaps, a statement on optimism) with those killer red shoes. Perfect!

Okay, now for the trends... Honestly, not much new to report in the jewelry category. Dangly drop earrings were the fav (no shock there), though I was a little surprised to see a bit more "chandelier" than we have during the past year. Something to note, in jewelry, we're seemingly moving away from the linear drop earrings and the bolder shaped drops, and back toward the more feminine, chandelier-ish look.

The big trend in fashion? Jewel tones. Vibrant-hued gowns (greens and purples seem to be the most popular, see below), especially with coordinating gemstone cocktail rings. And, for a rare something-new-under-the-sun take: those jewel tones paired with black (love it!) Both dresses with black accents... either in the design, like Lauren Graham, (left) or matched separates like Hathaway's ensemble. Also: vibrant jewels set in blackened metals. No doubt this trend: saturated hues are something to keep in mind for fall and holiday.


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