Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hooray! (For My NY Jewelry Friends)

Just a quick post for my NY jewelry-industry "insider" friends (and a little insight for those newbies and non-jewelry folks who might think the New York "diamond district" a glamorous spot). Today, New York officials made a grand announcement and unveiled plans for a new glitzy jewelry office tower in the diamond district (read about it here). 

To anyone who has ever waited 15 minutes for an elevator, held their breath in an elevator car that they reaaaaally doubt can defy gravity above the 2nd floor (as they were squashed in like a sardine), been befuddled by security regulations that seemingly change on a whim, or had to walk a couple flights up to "penthouses" that have no elevator access, at the jewelry industry's old landmark building (580, as we call it)... I can only say: Yippee! (and, more: it is about time). If ever there was a case of NOT communicating a message (luxury) effectively, it would be the shoddy office space and conditions in the Diamond District. 

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