Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Older, Affluent Consumers Go Social

To get your target market to hear your brand message, you must be sharing that message in the places where you find your target market. Pretty basic business tenet? We thought so but, given how many small luxury brands are still neglecting social media in their marketing, apparently not as basic as we thought.

Recent reports show that social media usage continues to increases among wealthier and older Americans. Today, 68% of U.S. Internet users with incomes greater than $75,000 use now using social media.1

Meanwhile, if you continue to buy into the “Facebook is for kids” myth, it’s long past the time to look at the facts:
  • 77% of U.S. Internet users between 30 and 49 use social media.1
  • 52% of those aged 50 – 65 use social media. 1 
  • 65% of college-educated U.S. Internet are active on social media sites.1

Research also reveals that Facebook continues to be the most popular social tool, with 67% of U.S. Internet users logging on and staying active. Important for luxury brands to note: Facebook is being used by 73% of U.S. Internet users with an income greater than $75,000, making these wealthiest Americans the most active Facebook users.1 

Twitter meanwhile, continues to be the second most popular social networking site, and 32% of U.S. Internet users over the age of 30 are active on Twitter.1

Finally, Pinterest continues to gain momentum, and is more likely to attract higher-educated, affluent women1.

Still questioning social marketing, or just unsure of where to start? Let us help

1as reported by Pew Research Centre 

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