Thursday, June 20, 2013

Get on the Vine

So, you have a brand Facebook page and Twitter. But does your company Vine ? If not, you may want to check out why 13 million users (posting 12 million videos daily) have made this app the rising star of the social media world. 

Vine (which was recently acquired by Twitter) allows users to create and post 6-second video-clips. Similar to Twitter or Facebook, users follow people and can scroll a newsfeed to view their videos.
Vine, which launched just 6 months ago, has already passed Instagram in popularity and, as of this week, Vine has the number 2 spot for the most popular app in the apple store.

So why is Vine causing so much buzz among social media users and, especially, marketers? Today, visuals are one of the most powerful marketing tools. And, as businesses slowly move away from traditional advertising and toward innovative social ways to engage consumers, Vine is perfectly poised as a creative way of marketing.

Ready to Vine for your brand? Here are some of the effective, eye-catching ideas that are useful for business:

·      Display your work
·      Engage customers in a conversation
·      Showcase the office
·      Promote a contest, sale, or special offer
·      Bring presentations to life
·      Some of your favorite products, or recommendations

A few basic user tips:
·      While tags work well within Vine, don’t expect them to always translate to Twitter or other devices, so use hashtags, too.
·      Rather than one continuous clip, try combining multiple short clips to create an action shot.
·      Be creative and have fun!

What are your Vine ideas? Have questions, let us know.

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