Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Round-up February 24, 2012

The Oscars and social media
In honor of Sunday night's Oscars - Mashable and mRank have teamed up to provide us with a social media leader board ranking of the top 15 most-buzzed-about terms from this years Oscars. Social media sites include Twitter, Facebook and the blogging world. 

Take a lesson from bad PR
Although Levi's ad slogan "Hotness Comes in All Shapes and Sizes" may seem to address women of- well- all shapes and sizes - the visual advertisements tell a different story. This week Levi seems to have created some bad PR for themselves by ineffectively executing their marketing goal.

Holy Twitter
It was announced friday that Pope Benedict XVI will be opening a personal twitter account enabling him to reach out to his Catholic followers. The twitter account is just the next addition to the Popes growing internet presence - with a youtube channel, a website, a facebook page and an iPhone application. I find it really interesting to see such an old and traditional culture embracing the new age of communication.

Timeline for Brands
Communications and social media gurus are more excited than ever for the highly anticipated new facebook timeline for brands which is launching next week. CEO Reggie Bradford of Virtue claims that brands will "build even more meaningful interactions with social audiences" via this new timeline. 

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