Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly round up: August 19, 2011

Make your Tweets stand out; digital marketing tips for luxury firms; a Google+ primer, and tips on writing press releases. Here’s our summary of this week’s top news in the world of PR and social media.

Sweet Tweets

The biggest complaint I hear about Twitter is the deafening “noise” of tweets that people don’t care about. But are your own tweets contributing to that meaningless chatter, or rising above it? The key to Twitter (as with all social media) is to engage. This is the best summary I’ve seen on how to sweeten your tweeting.

The luxury market’s digital lag

Too many luxury firms are still too focused on digital bells and whistles, rather than engaging content. Here are some of the struggles, and some of the success stories.

Google+ for beginners (and intermediates)

I’m the first to confess: I’ve dabbled on Google+, but haven’t found the time yet to immerse myself and really figure it out. If you’re like me, or if you’re a few steps ahead, here are a couple instructional videos to help you master this booming new social media tool.

PR 101: press releases

Whether you’re trying to write your own press releases, or providing a quote to your agency for a release, this is a must read. Love this quote: A common problem with press release quotes is that they’re full of lazy corporate verbs such as synergize, utilize, leverage, or facilitate. 'We are leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet our customer’s needs.' What does that even mean?”

Oxford’s new dictionary additions

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary added 400 new words this year. If you aren’t retweeting or sexting or cyberbullying, check out this article. Woot! Woot!

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