Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekly round-up: August 12, 2011

What happened this week? (I’m sort of wondering more: What happened to this week?!) Here’s my summary of the must-know news of the week for luxury, fashion and jewelry brands…

Social media’s influence on Americans

No analysis needed; the stats speak for themselves:

“The purchasing decisions of 38 million 13-80 year olds in the U.S. are now influenced in various ways by social media—up 14% in just six months.”

“Of the more than 149 million Americans actively using Facebook, 70% of these log on to the social network daily.”

Facebook ads now can target by zip code

I’m frequently asked about Facebook ads. Never been a big cheerleader, but this might be a game changer for regional brands…

Conde(Nast)Elevator Tweeter gets cold feet

The 8th grader lurking inside me was secretly bummed to see this Tweeter vanish and stop churning out gossip from Conde Nast. The grown up in me, however, knows there’s enough ugly gossipers out there to (sadly) fill the void.

Gold expected to hit $2,000

Hard to believe gold may hit this high. Expect to see even more fine jewelry designers/brands experimenting with new metals and materials. On the bright side, necessity is the mother of invention, so I’m looking forward to seeing the creativity this will spur!

Vera Wang endangering her brand with Zales collaboration?

Vera Wang and Zales are interesting bedfellows, indeed. While mass/luxury brand collaborations are certainly nothing new, Zales doesn’t quite have the “masstique” allure of brands like H&M and Target... Yet. Something to watch.

David Yurman cozies up to Foursquare

We constantly push brands to embrace social media for marketing purposes, so kudos to David Yurman for embracing Foursquare! Agree, however, that their Foursquare content is far too self-promotional/product oriented.

“In order to encourage actual luxury customers, not just aspiring, to participate, it’s important to offer real-world incentives, an area where luxury brands have a difficult time,” Tamar Koifman, a senior social media strategist at Digital Luxury Group in Geneva, Switzerland and contributor to Fashion’s Collective.

Baby steps…

The "Greening" of America’s affluent

This report is a personal favorite of mine… more than three quarters of affluent consumers are eco-friendly.

“76 percent of ecofriendly consumers have an annual household income of more than $150,000”

Proud to be representing a leader in socially conscious fine jewelry design: AnaKatarina Eco Gioielli!

How to come back from a social media gaffe

While we hope we never need to worry about it, here are some interesting case studies on the are of social media comeback

Miamore's News this Week:
  • Have had a wonderful time working with the Rhode Island International Film Festival (there's one more day, in case you've missed it so far!). Thanks to the Rhode Show, Newport Mercury, Boston Globe and Projo (among others) for the coverage!
  • Still drooling over the fall collection from Thistle & Bee... and over the stunning Lookbook we created for them!
  • AnaKatarina Eco Gioielli isn't just a client; nor just a socially conscious luxury company; nor just another "designer" name. AnaKatarina Eco Gioielli is the baby of Ana-Katarina Vinkler-Petrovic--one of the most talented and intuitive designers I've yet to meet. Bonus: she's also, put simply: a beautiful soul. Love her blog, where we highlight her custom jewelry creations.

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