Friday, March 11, 2011

Blogger and Tumblr and Pinterest, OH MY!

Lions, and tigers and bears, oh my! In more recent and tech-savvy times, the fashion- and style-minded should really say, Blogger and Tumblr and Pinterest, oh my! All these blogging platforms are entering our lives at a staggering rate. From the pink-walled bedroom of a 12-year old budding fashionista to the busy showroom of a prominent design house, blogging has changed how we view, communicate and express our ideas.

So what to choose...Should we enter long and thoughtful posts on Blogger? Maybe start tumbling photos and quotes on Tumblr? How about pin things to a virtual pin board on Pinterest? There are so many options; it's hard not to get lost in the dynamic and altering digital world. Is it just me, or does it feel as if things change on a daily basis? There is always a new version of iTunes to download, a Blackberry software update to complete, or a new Macbook to buy...
So, how do we figure out the best tools to help market our business?

At Miamore, we're constantly researching in order to communicate to our clients which new (or old) social media strategy to implement. Maybe that means tumbling once a day, posting a diary entry, or pinningsomething to our virtual inspiration board. Or maybe we should stay focused on only one platform and master its ins and outs. Each company has different needs, but not participating is not an option. The upside for luxury, fashion and design firms: freedom of expression and the promotion of creative ideas are at the forefront of the digital movement. We LOVE it!

So for the sake of avoiding technology overload, let's first discuss Tumblr. What is it? Well, technically, it is platform for micro-blogging, a.k.a sharing post text, photos, quotes, links, music, videos. The New York Times has stated that Tumblr makes, "blogging blissfully easy" and Fast Company feels that, "it's blogging, the way blogging was meant to be." So what does this mean for you and your business? Well it can mean a few things...maybe it can be a way for you to connect with your clients--updating them on trends in your given industry, providing information about changes in your company, introducing new projects and collaborations, displaying new projects--the options are endless.

“A picture says a thousand words.” It’s a saying that we have heard all our lives, right? So why not apply this to your business? Our culture is so face-paced and glancing at a picture or a short quote is a lot easier than reading long, detailed posts…thus Tumblr’s visual appeal for businesses based in fashion and design. It allows you to illustrate your ideas, your lifestyles, your products and, most importantly, your brand, through a simple image. Jump on board because this is a movement… Not only do high-profile brands like Kate Spade and Oscar de la Renta have Tumblr sites, but their Twitter and Tumblr sites work simultaneously by continually updating each other. Yes, aother benefit of Tumblr is its ease of connecting with other social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.

An easy illustration of Tumblr’s appeal: Have you ever traveled on a business trip and saw something inspirational that you WISH you could instantly share with your customers? Maybe it's a pattern for a new dress you are inspired to create; maybe it is a city skyline reminding you of NY Fashion Week; or maybe it is just a pretty little doo-dah image that reminds you of (and leads you to thank) your clients. Despite what you post, when you post it or why you do post, all posts will be shared with the entire Tumbling network and the interactive community--that's a lot of eyes on you. There are over
14,891,884 Tumblr accounts! (If you can’t tell, we’re big fans. Personally, the Miamore Communications Tumblr is my new obsession!)

So let's continue to navigate through this little (okay, it's pretty big, but not necessarily intimidating) social media/BLOG movement together... Stay tuned. Our next stop: Blogger. Until then, please feel free to comment and ask questions about Tumblr (or any other blogging tools)… we’d love to help!

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