Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fashion Forecast: Earthy, Swingy, Delicate

What's BIG this Holiday season? Fashion editors, bloggers and designers have been focusing on all things tassels, stone, and lace. From fine to fashion jewelry, these trends can be seen everywhere from fashion editorials to the catwalks of Paris and New York.
Stones and bones which are polished and cut are one of the most anticipated trends of the Holiday season. Why so popular? From the palest canary yellows to the deepest ocean blues, stones offer a natural and relaxed vibe to any outfit. Additionally, stones connect one to nature--minimally processed, shaped by the elements, rough and asymmetrical. Perfect for a Holiday romp to the rocky beaches of St. Kits or the concrete jungle of New York City.

Lace...delicate, intricate, lady-like, elegant. What comes to mind--wedding gowns, dowdy Grandma-esque "schmatas," the Victorian era? Not anymore. The lace trend can be seen in many different capacities this holiday season. There are feather-light fabric earrings as well as intricately patterned and metal detailed necklaces and bracelets. The trend represents a type of sophistication that is easy to wear and able to make a statement.

Whether they are swinging, dangling, or jangling, tassels are making a major appearance. With all trends pointing towards an antique and aged aesthetic it is no wonder that fringe forms are predicted to be the biggest trend of all this season. No longer the oldest form of Western adornment, the tassel is the easiest thing to throw on to get noticed. Reflecting light in metal forms, and creating tons of swish-swish movement, tassels are the perfect piece to invest in.

So there you have it--predictions about the trendiest Holiday looks, straight from the horses Miamore Communications' mouth. Which of these looks will you be trying out this Holiday?

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  1. Lace looks beautiful in every which way it is used.be it in an attire or in jewelry it looks beautiful.I love the creations displayed here.