Monday, August 2, 2010

Blogging Your Way To Success

Any ‘great’ company has one and any company that wants to be ‘successful’ has one. What is it, you ask? A blog ( But why do we blog? What is the point of one? We’re often asked: if my brand is already well known, what can a blog additionally do for my company? Our answer: A LOT. A blog is not an advertising vehicle for your company; it is a tool of communication that shows readers ‘something extra’ about your services, personalizes your brand, and offers insight into your area of expertise.

For example, we here at Miamore love our blog and, while we do some really amazing work, we are not simply going to put up blog entries outlining our achievements, or how innovative our work is. Why? Because those sort of posts don’t generate interest or build relationships—the main goals of a blog or any social media. In sum: it won’t get us (or any company) anywhere.

Instead of being promotional, it is best to provide readers with information that is not only enjoyable, informative, and personal; but also something that establishes confidence in the brand. For example, Southwest Airlines built up a blog when sales were down and they wanted to hear from consumers about what they could improve upon. So, their blog began with the CEO of the company discussing trends in the industry and allowed followers to comment. Did anyone read that blog and immediately log on to buy an airline ticket from Southwest? Probably not. But, has the brand become a household name? Definitely. Thanks in part to the open communication and dialogue by Southwest on that successful blog, the company grew into something bigger and better.

Have a hard time relating to a brand as large as Southwest? Well, for small business owners, we offer up ourselves as an example. Last week, Miamore’s president, Carrie Soucy, attended a trade show in New York. In two days she heard from at least a half dozen people (the majority of whom she did not know) how much they enjoyed our blog. Many others simply recognized our brand—no doubt in thanks to our active blogging. For a company like ours, only a year old and based in a different city, to receive—without having ever spent a penny on traditional advertising or marketing—responses like: “Oh! Miamore Communications!”… well, that’s quite a statement.

So where do we go from here to make sure that all company blogs steer clear of becoming too promotional? Here are some tips:

1. 1 Designate one person to oversee the blog. (Preferably not a junior staff member; however, if they have a great writing skills and an eye for news, then by no means limit them)

2. Promote your blog by featuring it in newsletters, having a link to it via Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Linkedin or website.

3. Talk about stuff other then your services. Like trends in the industry, developments and newsworthy stuff.

4. Be fun and have a conversational tone.

5. Encourage comments and be sure to respond to any you receive.

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  1. Thank you for this Carrie. I grow weary of self centered blogs that do nothing but promote the author and give nothing but regurgitated information from professional reporters, including re-posting of their pictures as well! Enough! Attention starved self proclaimed wanna be's are only filling up my news pages and end up removed. I am grateful for your professional posts that include sound, factual useful information that can be applied to day to day business.