Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Social Media isn't just for kids... but so what if it was?

I had the honor and privilege of speaking to a group of dynamic, enthusiastic retailers on Saturday morning at the RJO conference program in Savannah, Ga. I came to Savannah armed with all my tips on implementing a social media marketing strategy for business, along with a whole chunk of demographic data to disprove any of the common "but Facebook is for kids" questions and objectives. I was thrilled that attendees spoke with me afterwards, telling me they were inspired to amp up their social networking efforts.

I, meanwhile, left Georgia enlightened by the comment of one retailer who shared her own experience...

This retail jeweler said she had initially joined Facebook out of curiosity, wondering why her college-aged children were so enthusiastic about it. (And, okay, as parents everywhere can relate: maybe to keep an eye on them!) Flash forward a few years and those college kids are now professionals. So, where does that leave her? In short: with a slew of fans in their 20s... all beginning their careers, getting married, and experiencing all those life changes that call for jewelry. And, guess who they feel connected with and loyal to? You got it... this retailer who has been in their (Facebook) world all along.

I loved this simple example, albeit coincidental, of thinking outside the box and investing in long-term growth. Small businesses are often so consumed by the present and making this year's numbers, that we don't think long-term in our marketing strategies. But, as this example proves, when you look at any new marketing idea (and especially in the realm of social media, where who knows what is right around the corner), remember it pays off to consider tomorrow... not just today.

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