Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hey, Ladies! Feel Like a Gerbil on the Wheel? How About Some Girl Power...

Sometimes, and perhaps too often, life feels like that old plate-spinning act at the circus... Aging parents; the endless demands of children; managing a career; and keeping up with housework, car repairs, the dog that needs walking, and a million other responsibilities. The daily grind takes its toll on everyone but, here, I speak specifically to the women out there: how often do you think about your own future, your own goals and dreams, and the financial stability it takes to achieve them? If you are anything like me, those things pop into your head now and again, and you vow to give them some thought, but they are far from front-of-mind. Further, how often do you actually feel empowered, strong and confident, instead of like a gerbil on the wheel? Again, if you're like me, not often enough...

I recently found myself in a planning meeting with client Tomgirl Tours, and Tomgirl's partner in several of new 2010 tours: Ameriprise Financial. Tomgirl Tours specializes in adventure tours for women--upscale travel that includes mildly adventurous (read: you don't need to be an Olympic athlete) activities like zip lining, hot air ballooning, and hiking the Grand Canyon. Tomgirls' tours promote relaxation, exhilarating outdoor activities, bonding with new and old friends, and confidence building adventure. In a nutshell: Girl Power.

Client or no, I find the concept fabulous for today's stressed-out, going-through-the-motions women. And, I find these new 2010 Vermont tours even more exciting: they combine the physical/mental empowerment of challenging activities (inherent in all Tomgirl Tours) with what women all too often neglect: planning for a future of financial empowerment. And lest you think these are yawn-worthy financial planning sessions that would intrude on an "adventure" vacation... the program focuses on fun, creative, and thought-provoking activities, like identifying your dreams, visualizing them through old-school activities like collage-making, and developing an action plan for making those dreams reality. Better yet, the two Ameriprise planners (profiles here and here) who are working with Tomgirl are down-to-earth, fun and, frankly, absolutely hilarious.

Along with the financial planning elements, each tour (dubbed Green Mountain Escapes) features a sunset hot air balloon ride, a challenging ropes course and zip line adventure, a chance to try out a Segway, pampering at a fabulous spa, and culinary delights (including a cooking and wine pairing evening led by the New England Culinary Institute). I don't usually use this forum to promote client activities, but as I work on planning the PR for this new tour, I keep thinking about all the friends and colleagues who, like me, fit into the "Oh, man, do I NEED this sort of getaway" category. So, I thought I'd give you all a sneak peek and chance for an early sign up. For specifics, check out Tomgirl Tours.

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